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Waterpipe Tobacco

The Shisha Tobacco

The waterpipe tobacco is a special damp tobacco,which consists of a mix of Tobacco, molassse and glycerin. It is clearly soggier than pipe or cigarette tobaccos. Above all, in European, flavored tobacco is smoked, which is available in many different aromas. Th emost familiar one is double apple, there are also other apple kinds as well as cherry, mint, orange, lemon, mango, vanilla, banana, cappuccino, caramel, liquorice, coconut, multifruit, applel, rosa, grape, strawberry, peach, melon and cola. In Arab countries, in Iran and in Azerbaijan, the majority smokes tobaccos without any aroma. Partly, the tobacco is self-aromatized by adding orient tobaco and honey. Rarely, the addition of rosa water to the bowl or special woods to the charcoal. Due to its consistency, waterpipe tobacco cannot be compared with usual tobacco; because of its high portion of dump (app. 20 to 40 percent) it has sticky and paste-like consistency. Due to its humidity portion, the waterpipe tobacco had a conflict with the present German Tobacco Regulation of 1977, which states that tobacco to smoke can only include five percent dump-keeping material at maximum. The customs and tariff in 2004 started to prevent the import of tobacco which damages this guideline, since then there is a special tobacco for German market.
The smokers usually moistened the tobacco theirselves, with Glycerin from the pharmacy or with particularly in the shop or from internet by available molasses. However it does not bring usually the same quality as the tobacco, which is already produced by damp retaining means .

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