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Molamix Honey Molasse (Wetting Agent) - Two apple
Molamix Honey Molasse (Wetting Agent) - Two apple
Molamix Honey Molasse (Wetting Agent) - Two apple
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We keep updated about our new products and offers!

We keep updated about our new products and offers!
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Aladin Shisha EVOLUTION

The shisha evolution continues since 500 years - here comes the evolution of Shishas - the ALADIN EVOLUTION SHISHA ! Now in the 4th generation of Aladin Shishas this is the current highest evolution step of the shisha. What is new ?

  • The change of smoking pillar is revolutionary: at very high temperature a screw is burnt directly in the bottle neck. Now the smoking pillar can be connected to the glas bottle very exactly and closes the shisha air circular without any loss of air.

  • The whole smoking pillar consists of stainless steel - especially the connection between smoking pillar and hoses and the dip pipe now consists of only rust free material made of stainless steel.

  • Almost all Aladin Evolution Shishas can be converted to a 2-hose shisha by exchanging the valve by a hose adapter (do not forget to include a valve ball).

  • The tobacco head was changed: by implementing a small elevation in the middle of the tobacco head the fluid molasse can not flow into the smoking pillar any more. The tobacco head was burnt in a temperature of more than 300°C an therefore is very robust.

  • The variety of glasbowls was extended: from retro style of the 70's to classic calligraphic design we offer anything. There are more than 30 differen bottel designs in a great variety of calors available.

Shisha Shop

In our Shisha Online Shop you can find a broad variety of high quality oriental hookahs (also called Shishas or Waterpipfes), Shisha TobaccoShisha Coal and all Shisha accessories (Shisha tubes, tobacco heads, bowls, Mundstücke, usw.).

Beside Multi hose Shishas we also offer several Tea sorts to put you in the right mood.

Everything you can get at a TOP Service, with quick delivery and best prices!

Oriental Tea

In our tea shop you can finde oriental and turkish tea.

Candle Shop

In our candle shop you find various candles in different fragrences.

Wir versenden Ihre Shisha und Zubehör ab 69,00EUR versandkostenfrei Ihre Shisha und Zubehör in geprüfter Qualität Erhalten Sie Ihre Shisha und Zubehör im Regelversand von nur 24 Stunden
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Adalya Grape Mint 200g Waterpipe Tabak CAN
incl. 19,00% VAT.
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Base price: 69,50EUR / kg
Adalya Grape Mint 200g Waterpipe Tabak CAN
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Chocomint 50g Shisha (Waterpipe) Tobacco (Nakhla)
Riecht wie "After-Eig-
uot;. Schmeckt dann aber eige ..

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TOM Cococha Premium Gold Coconut Coal 20kg
TOM Cococha Premium Gold Coconut Coal 20kg
TOM Cococha Premium Gold Coconut Coal 20kg
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