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Shisha Manual

Instructions for an optimal pleasure with your waterpipe (Shisha)

1. Clean your shisha regularly.
If you smoke different tobacco flavors, the residue affects the taste.

2. Wash the hose monthly and get a new one before it gets too old. (Please do not wash the leather hose)

3. Fill cold water to the Shisha-Glass base

HINT: A few ice cube makes it also very good.

4. Plug the smoke tube in the glass base. The end part of the smoke tube should dive into water only 2-4cm. If you fill more water in, it will be harder to get the smoke in and the smoke will be milder. ( Just the opposite by less water :)

5. Plug the shisha hose into the hose adapter and the tobacco bowl on the smoke tube.

6. Fill the tobacco bowl with tobacco loosely (do not stuff). Put the metal filter or the alumium foil (do not forget to make holes) on the tobacco bowl, thus the tobacco do not contact directly. (Try both of the methods to find out which one you will like most)

7. Ignite the charcoal (Self-inflaming or natural coal), put the charcoal on the ash plate and wait till it is throughly glowed. You can see it by the white ash layer which is formed around the charcoal.  Now, put the charcoal by the help of the tongs onto the tobacco bowl. 

HINT: Natural coal is harder to inflame but tastes much better :)

8. If the smoke gets raspy, it means that charcoal is very hot. Move the charcoal to the side or take the wind filter off.

9. Smoke the slowly. Make some breaks between the turns.

10. Have fun with relaxing by your Shisha from 12moons!

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