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Shisha Charcoal

The Shisha Coal

The waterpipe charcoal (also called as fachma) is usually the charcoal without any petroleum additives. There exist two kinds of it: The charcoal tablets that are instant lightning including a liitle amount of black powder. This kind of the charcoals can be easily lightened by a simple lighter and lasts approximately for 30 to 90 minutes. These coal tablets usually have a diameter of 33 or 40 millimeters.

As an alternative, natural coal can be also used. It commonly consists of pressed coconut pairings (Cococha) with a very high heat value. Other types of the natural coal can be also made of orange or olive tree woods. These kinds of coal are usually sulfur-free and has a bar form. Since the cocos coal does not contain black powder, it is not easy to lighten it by a simple lighter; they usually require coal furnace. Cocos coals lasts longer and  enables to adjust the developing heat better.

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